Web Design and Development Questionnaire

Your website is the “online face” of your brand and company.  This form is long because we want to have the greatest insight into your thoughts, business, preferences, and more.  All of the questions here in our website design questionnaire have a purpose so PLEASE take your time and fill this form out completely.

Remember, the more clear you are, the happier you will be with the final product.

Also, we get it, you are not a designer and we don’t expect you to be one, but if you trust the process we guarantee you’ll be happy.

Do you have hosting?
NoYesNo, but we want a suggestion from you!

Do you have domain?
NoYesNo, but we want a suggestion from you!

150€ - 300€300€ - 600€600€ - 1000€+1000€

Our Process

We analyze the project and find the best solution to go with!
We plan how to execute the solution that we defined.
We Design the overall look of the website.
We Develop the design that we have made.
We make the website responsive for mobile and tablets, also for different screen sizes.
We test and make sure that the site is cross-browser compatible.
We are doing some test before lunch to make sure everything is as it should be.
After all steps are done we lunch the final product!